Roy Mathur


Welcome To My Laboratory

Photograph of Roy Mathur

I look like this.

Hello! I'm Roy and I write... a lot

As an author, I write commercial fiction in genres including adventure, mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy and horror and, in addition to prose fiction, I write text-based games and film scripts.

By trade, I am an experienced and published print and online journalist specialising in entertainment and technology. I work predominantly as a columnist, i.e. unlike a reporter, I am paid to both understand the technology and have an opinion about it. Also, unlike most technology journalists, I actually have a long background in IT.

Right now, I am editing my next book, a multi-genre anthology, writing a horror novel, and planning a fantasy novel.

That is as much as I can tell you without boring your pants off, but buy me a Betelgeusian Brain Buster and I'll talk the hind pods off an Arcturan zingbat. If you can't wait that long, feel free to rummage, but please mind the cabling, the plants and the giant wingèd thing.

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