Roy Mathur



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I am the aforementioned Roy and these are the things I do:


As a vital part of your total marketing strategy, I write and edit the best bespoke, high quality, SEO friendly copy uniquely tailored to your needs.

Since 1995 I have delivered media and technology solutions to blue chip companies, governments, public bodies and SMEs on three continents.

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"Copywriting is not about long lunches, drinks after work and quoting Madmen. It is about creativity, hard work and scrupulous attention to detail."


I have written, edited and sub-edited articles and features for newspapers, magazines and the web.

Seventy articles carrying my byline have been published in print publications, the majority in my column within the pages of a national broadsheet, the others in high quality glossies.


As an author I write genre fiction. I have published a horror story on Kindle and I am seeking for representation for an adventure novel I have recently completed. I am also currently editing a multi-genre anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories.

In addition, I have written two short film scripts and developed an interactive fiction game.


As well as having been on both sides of the mic on live radio, I produce, present and edit the topical, timely and superbly sublime Roy's Rocket Radio. In the podcast I talk about both creating and enjoying science fiction, fantasy and horror entertainment, and anything else that happens to tickle my creative, nerdly and tech-mad fancy.

The Captain's B-Log

This is about as much as I can tell you without boring your pants off, but buy me a Betelgeusian Brain Buster and I'll talk the hind pods off an Arcturan zingbat. If you can't wait that long, feel free to rummage through this lethally injurious web site (due to the unwise proximity of a rather temperamental beta phase wormhole generator project). And mind the cabling. Seriously.